Rich Rosenberg

Rich Rosenberg
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Rich Rosenberg is of counsel in our Philadelphia office. He represents clients in antitrust and white collar criminal defense matters, government investigations, corporate compliance, internal investigations, and whistleblower litigation.

Rosenberg is an accomplished attorney with more than three decades of experience with the U.S. Department of Justice, Antitrust Division, in Philadelphia.  During this time, he represented the United States in major criminal and civil cases. He focused his finely honed analytical skills on the investigation and prosecution of criminal and civil antitrust violations as well as related complex fraud and other white collar crimes. Mr. Rosenberg retired from the Department of Justice in January 2013.

A sample of the types of investigations and prosecutions in which Mr. Rosenberg participated during his career include the following:

  • Carbon Products Participated in investigations and prosecutions of price-fixing and obstruction of justice by manufacturers of various types ofcarbon products, including isostatic and extruded carbon, mechanical carbon products, current collectors, and carbon brushes used in electrical motors. These investigations culminated in the successful prosecution of Ian Norris, the former CEO of The Morgan Crucible Company plc, following the first-ever successful extradition to the United States by the Antitrust Division. Mr. Rosenberg served as a principle courtroom prosecutor in the Norris trial.
  • Highway Construction Participated in multiple investigations and prosecutions of road construction bid-rigging. Litigated several criminal cases arising out of those investigations, including United States v. RSE, United States v. H&M, and United States v. McMinn.
  • Auctions Participated in the investigation and prosecution of numerous dealers for bid-rigging at auctions for the sale of antiques, including United States v. Pook.  Participated in the investigation and prosecution of bid rigging by used truck part dealers at military auctions.
  • Civil merger and non-merger cases Participated in several civil antitrust investigations, including the acquisitions of businesses involving the manufacture of industrial gloves and industrial blades, that resulted in the negotiation of consent decrees to eliminate the harmful effects of those acqusitions.