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FormerFeds LLC selects GeyerGorey LLP to Beta Test Compliance system

FormerFeds LLC selects GeyerGoreyLLP to beta test Compliance system

WASHINGTON — FormerFeds LLC today announced chosen GeyerGorey LLP to beta test its revolutionary Compliance system designed and deployed by former American fraud enforcers (a/k/a “FormerFeds”).  The FormerFedsCompliance.Com compliance solution is the newest weapon in the legal community’s arsenal  that seeks to help the legal community provide a ‘redundant complex risk prevention array’ for clients that is affordable and provides automated and organized support for a company’s compliance operations overseen and administered by inside legal counsel or alliance law firms.

The FormerFeds LLC compliance assessment solution (FormerFedsCompliance.Com) is designed to be administered by inside legal counsel or outside law firms like GeyerGorey LLP to maximize attorney client privilege protections.
The FormerFedsCompliance.Com Compliance Assessment solution will provide:

  • immediate assessment and gap analysis
  • centralized, whole-of-business risk and compliance visibility and benchmarking
  • easy configuration to meet any regulatory environment in any sector
  • unique compliance portal for customized assessments and notifications
  • red flag generation and tracking system designed to protect privilege
  • cost effective, low-risk, pay-as-you-go pricing

FormerFedsCompliance.Com has developed a ‘software as a service’ compliance assessment solution that our customers can ‘fire and forget’ system that melds compliance, transparency and corporate governance into one program solution.  With the legal assistance of GeyerGorey LLP, FormerFedsCompliance.Com is developing its compliance assessment system across disciplines so that there will be no wall between various specialties within a law firm—for instance, cartel enforcement and FCPA.

GeyerGorey LLP, with offices in Washington, New York, Boston and Philadelphia, provides international and inside-the-beltway experience to individuals and companies that have become — or wish to avoid becoming — the subject of federal law enforcement agency interest.

FormerFeds LLC is headquartered in Cinnaminson, NJ and can be reached at FormerFeds@Gmail.Com or at (609) 291-0881.

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