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GeyerGorey LLP announces partnership with FormerFedsCompliance.Com

GeyerGorey LLP announces partnership with FormerFedsCompliance.Com

GeyerGorey LLP (GeyerGorey.Com) announced today that in development partnership with FormerFedsCompliance.Com, it is offering a Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Self-Assessment Module to its clients.  The Assessment Module is free to use for any company that administers the software solution through its own legal department or through GeyerGorey LLP.

GeyerGorey LLP is offering the FCPA Assessment Module as the first market deliverable assessment module as part its beta test of a FormerFedsCompliance.Com full-service compliance assessment solution that is forecasted to be released to law firms that will be selected in late Summer 2013.

The FCPA Assessment Module (available today) and software that delivers it is free and it is designed to measure FCPA risk at all levels of an organization within moments of conducting the assessment.  The secure FCPA assessment module is cloud-based and can be accessed immediately from desktops or handheld devices by all employees in an organization.  Results are tagged with customized privacy controls.  Results are measured and extensive statistical analysis is automatically performed, gaps are identified and significant problems—known as “company busters”—are immediately brought to the attention of GeyerGorey LLP for immediate follow-up by its attorneys and alliance professionals around the world.  The notifications are configured to protect the disclosure under attorney-client privilege, but GeyerGorey LLP and/or inside corporate counsel can still inform management so that it can continue to make informed decisions based on the progress of the assessment and remediation efforts.   Assessment responses can be measured and gaps can be identified and supplemental training can be targeted to problem areas.   For a reasonable licensing fee, a follow-on assessment is then performed that captures and “locks-in” programmatic improvement.  Each subsequent assessment can be customized and refined to the needs of the organization and additional customized modules can be added as needed.

The FCPA Assessment Module was designed by former American Enforcers (A/K/A”FormerFeds”) to allow companies to immediately assess their FCPA vulnerabilities with the assistance of inside legal counsel or GeyerGorey LLP.

GeyerGorey LLP can be reached at (888) 486-FEDS

FormerFeds LLC is headquartered in Cinnaminson, NJ and can be reached at FormerFeds@Gmail.Com or at (609) 291-0881.

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