Former LIBOR Prosecutor, Wendy Norman, Joins GeyerGorey LLP

Wendy Norman, former US Department of Prosecutor, to join GeyerGorey LLP. Acquisition complements firm’s growing practice.


(Press Release)Feb. 4, 2013 – GeyerGorey LLP today announced that former LIBOR prosecutor Wendy Bostwick Norman will be joining the firm’s Philadelphia operations.
Wendy brings to the firm 20 years of federal prosecution experience which followed more than a decade as an investigative agent with the New Jersey State Commission of Investigation, said firm partner Bradford Geyer.
“I couldn’t be more thrilled to have Wendy joining our firm,” added Geyer, “I have worked closely with Wendy on and off for more than 20 years and I know exactly what she brings to the table: legal acumen, strategic smarts and gravitas.  She knows how to identify and exploit opportunity at the earliest juncture and I have no doubt she will be a superb supplement to our team.”
Geyer and Norman met in 1992, the year Norman joined the Department of Justice, after graduating from Villanova Law School.  Ironically, both Norman and Geyer recall attending a training seminar in the early 1990s where firm partners Hays Gorey and Robert Zastrow were instructors.
Gorey stressed Norman’s well known reputation as a talented and conscientious federal prosecutor who was a “team player.”  Her wealth of experience investigating and prosecuting antitrust and related complex criminal frauds, including violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, ideally suits her to assist the firm’s clients, according to Geyer.  “We are pleased she agreed to join the firm, despite offers to work in New York and Washington, D.C.”
Norman won numerous awards and accolades while at the Department of Justice.  Among them, was the 2010 Antitrust Division Assistant Attorney General Award of Distinction for her work on the team that earned the conviction for obstruction of justice of Ian P. Norris, the former CEO of The Morgan Crucible Company plc; the 2001 Attorney General’s John Marshall Award for Outstanding Legal Achievement for her trial victory in United States v. Mitsubishi Corporation; and, in 1999, an award from the Attorney General for Outstanding Dedication and Effectiveness in Enhancing Crime Victim Fund Collections.
According Zastrow, “Wendy’s qualities fit our firm to a “T.”  She has the exact low ego, steely resolve and collaborative qualities we seek in our attorneys.  We want maximum brain power plugged into an issue.”

GeyerGorey LLP Establishes 24/7 Client Emergency Hotline

GeyerGorey LLP announced today that it had established a 24/7 Client Emergency Hotline that will always be answered “live” by a GeyerGorey attorney.  Current clients should expect to be provided with this telephone number in a separate, confidential communication.

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