GeyerGorey LLP Establishes 24/7 Client Emergency Hotline

GeyerGorey LLP announced today that it had established a 24/7 Client Emergency Hotline that will always be answered “live” by a GeyerGorey attorney.  Current clients should expect to be provided with this telephone number in a separate, confidential communication.

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11/3/1998 EDPA Historical Society Celebration of 50 Years of Antitrust Enforcement by the Philadelphia Field Office of the Antitrust Division

Later this month, four Antitrust Division field offices in Atlanta, Cleveland, Dallas and Philadelphia close their doors for good.  The link below hearkens back to happier day on November 3, 1998, when the Historical Society of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania honored and celebrated the Philadelphia Field Office’s 50th year of cartel enforcement

Please click the link below:

Historical Society Celebrates Philadelphia Field Office of the Antitrust Division


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