About Us


GeyerGorey LLP dedicates itself to white collar criminal defense, compliance, internal investigations, asset recovery and significant civil cases involving allegations of serious misconduct. Prior to joining GeyerGorey LLP, our attorneys led comprehensive investigations and prosecutions in a host of industries and jurisdictions and worked with domestic investigative agencies including the FBI, IRS-CID, all of the 39 agency Inspectors General, as well as investigative and enforcement agencies in other countries.

GeyerGorey’s goal is to provide extraordinary service in the uncompromising pursuit of the best possible outcomes for its clients. To complement its internal capabilities, expertise and resources, GeyerGorey relies on experienced former federal prosecutors, former federal agents as well as skilled accountants, economists and forensic specialists. Each GeyerGorey matter team has been hand selected for the particular project.  We pride ourselves on our ability to put together just the right combination of personalities and skill sets necessary to a particular task.  And each member of our team will have a stellar reputation, unblemished character, steadfast judgment and a propensity to “think outside of the box.”   Additionally, the members of each compliance team, investigation team or trial team will have had extensive experience at crisis management and will be accustomed to thriving in high-pressure situations having high stakes.

GeyerGorey is able to handle large, complex matters without the typical legacy burdens and staffing pressures experienced at some large law firms.  We do not have offices with polished marble entrances, designer furniture and expensive, if pedestrian, corporate art — so we do not have to pay for them.  We do not have pension obligations to dozens of retired partners.  Every attorney is paid for work that he  performs on a current basis, and because we are able to operate more efficiently than many firms, we are able to provide equivalent services at a lower cost.

GeyerGorey’s matters are always staffed according to the strategic and tactical needs of its clients. There are no “minimum” hourly targets for associate or paralegal hours; we secure expertise and resources as needed, so while a traditional law firm may be limited to its own internal resources, GeyerGorey hand selects the best individuals from a  variety of sources.

Our team members take a pledge to “leave the ego at the door.”  We communicate and collaborate easily and seamlessly through a proprietary system that identifies opportunities early and encourages collaboration.  Our attorneys and associates combine hard work, a desire to be the best, courage, urgency, purpose, perseverance and constant innovation — skills and attitudes that they bring to every assignment.

The firm is prepared to handle trials involving complex issues of fact and law.  When needed, we will engage others to supplement our resources in order to deliver high- caliber services to our clients.

A typical international business executive who tries to achieve his next strategic goal without assessing compliance risk.