Teresa C. Zalcman

[email protected]
(856) 607-5708

Teresa Zalcman was the first Vietnamese-American to serve as a prosecutor with the United States Department of Justice. Her affiliation with GeyerGorey LLP complements the firm’s efforts to provide companies with advice on compliance with federal criminal laws and regulations, in detecting wrongdoing by corporate employees and in providing full-scope, white-collar criminal defense where prevention and mitigation measures fail.

Ms. Zalcman immigrated to the United States in 1968.  She is a graduate of the University of California at Davis and received her law degree from Howard University before being hired by the Department of Justice under the Attorney General’s Honor’s Program.

Ms. Zalcman has been engaged professionally in recent years as an investment adviser and money manager. She bides her time among three cities, New York, Los Angeles and Nha Trang.

Ms. Zalcman has maintained extensive contacts within Vietnam and travels throughout the country on a regular basis.  She will be a great asset to American companies seeking to enter the Vietnamese market, as well as to Vietnamese companies that need legal support in the United States or who wish to market their products or seek suppliers, customers or acquisition partners in the United States.  She also can provide guidance regarding the EB-5 United States Immigrant Investor Visa program and also oversees internal and due diligence investigations for Vietnamese business and citizens.