To Our Clients

GeyerGorey LLP may be the only firm in the country where prior federal prosecutorial experience is a prerequisite for partnership.  Our partners have collectively tried federal multiple major criminal and civil antitrust cases.  They have the experience and talent to represent clients in the most complex matters in all federal courts.

Our aim is to exceed client goals in the areas of white-collar criminal defense, internal investigations, corporate compliance and our other practice areas.

We endeavor to bring a sense of urgency to every matter by providing plain old fashioned service, while using the most modern Internet tools to do so.  These tools allow collaboration between and among our associates, contractors and business partners, such as “FormerFeds (TM).”  In the event of an emergency, we can usually be at a client’s place of business quickly, along, shortly thereafter, with the team of experts needed to protect the client’s interests.  If we do not have the skills and background necessary to advise in all aspects of a matter, we are not hesitant to engage others in whom we have confidence — highly credentialed experts, such as forensic accountants, economists, agents, database management specialists, former federal prosecutors and others — to provide the expertise needed properly to advise the client.

Prevention through careful counseling is our first priority.  But where it is too late for prevention, we try to resolve any legal exposure as quickly and efficiently as possible, thereby minimizing its impact on the client.  When this is not possible, we are happy to take cases to trial.

Because, based on our business model, we do not need large physical offices, we are able to achieve efficiencies that are beyond the reach of many law firms.