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3C’s: News From Taiwan—Guest Post by Professor Andy C.M. Chen

News From Taiwan—Guest Post by Professor Andy C.M. Chen

I am pleased to post this update by Dr. Andy C.M. Chen, a professor at Chung Yuan Christian University in Taiwan. Professor Chen is a graduate of Northwestern School of Law and was formerly a member of the Taiwan Fair Trade Commission. As you will see from Professor Chen’s post, cartels are defined quite differently in Taiwan than they are in the United States.  Professor Chen’s personal web page can be found here.


Amendments to Taiwan Fair Trade Act

The recent amendments of the Taiwan Fair Trade Act were published by the Office of the President and officially took effect on February 4, 2015. The amendments cover nearly 70% of the provisions in the TFTA and are the most extensive revision ever since the Act was enacted in 1992. The main changes include the followings:

  1. Pre-merger notification

1.1. Shares held by or business turnover of the companies affiliated with the merging parties shall be included in the determination of whether the threshold for filing pre-merger notification has been crossed.

1.2. Individuals or groups who are not legal persons but enjoy de facto control of the merging companies could also be subject to the duty of filing pre-merger notification.

1.3. The Taiwan Fair Trade Commission is authorized to promulgate and apply individual business-turnover thresholds for selected industries.

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